Kitchen Peninsula Idea for a Small Kitchen

Adding Support for a Kitchen Peninsula

To do a DIY kitchen peninsula in our small kitchen townhouse, we first knocked down the tall kitchen ledge wall. Since our sink was already in this area, we had to be careful about the plumbing for the sink within the walls.

Since the kitchen peninsula would extend out more than a foot, we would need to add additional support for the white quartz countertop. We added wooden horizontal and vertical support beams. The beams were about 3″wide x 1″ height.

Mid-Century Modern Shaker Cabinet Design

To create the shaker design, we then purchased a large wooden paneling board less than 1″ thick. The length and width depends on how wide and tall your peninsula will be. The wooden panel board was placed on the top of the vertical beams, on the outside. We nailed it down at the areas where the vertical boards are.

After, we then created the outside trimming for each panel of the shaker design. We nailed in 2.5″ wide x 1/4″ thick wood on the top, bottom and sides to create each panel. We then nailed in the baseboard.

Last, we air spray painted and then had the professionals lay down the white quartz countertop. The color we used for our lower kitchen cabinets is Benjamin Moore Hale Navy. I HIGHLY recommend air spraying – the finish is more flawless rather than using a paint roller or brush. Click here to see our tips and journey in air spray painting all of our kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Decor

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