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Robot Vacuum Roborock S6 Review

My fiance and I are very lazy when it comes to cleaning! So we are always looking for products out there that make things in our home easier for us, less work for us to do. We bought our first home 8 months ago, so of course more room equals more cleaning. One of the first major home gadgets we wanted to invest in was a robot vacuum. We were willing to invest into a robot vacuum that was able to clean our house without us having to think about it. We did a lot of research, watched Youtube videos, and we found the Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum.

It is the best robot vacuum cleaner (also a robot vacuum and mop combo) out there! After 8 months of using it, this robot vacuum is worth it! If you are like us and looking to invest in a high quality robot vacuum, but don’t know which one to purchase, read below for our personal pros and cons. If you want to see a video of our review, watch below.

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Pros of Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum

Mobile App

The mobile app is the major reason why we chose to buy this robot vacuum. Why did we want a mobile app? Because we wanted to be able to control the vacuum right on our phones. We were looking to be able to customize cleaning, instead of just 1 button to turn it on and off. Their mobile app offers so many customizable cleaning options that I love and use daily so I’m going to name the mobile app features that I use.

Auto mapping

When you first buy the Roborock S6 robot vacuum, you will turn it on and it will move around the entire floor/room in order to create a map. This is what our map looks like. When I was doing my research on robot vacuums, there was no vacuum out there that did this (that I at least could find!). Other vacuums out there go in random directions, may go over the the same area more than one, and may even miss spots. I love this feature because it allows the vacuum to clean every square inch of your area.

No Go Zones

You are able to mark on the map areas you do not want the vacuum to go. These areas can be big as you want and as small as you want and can be placed anywhere on the map. We marked off the areas where our bar stools at the kitchen peninsula are and my fiance’s computer area. We also marked an area where the stairs to go down are. However it does have a sensor that will be able to tell itself if they’re near the stairs, but we just marked it just in case. I found this helpful during Christmas time when we didn’t want it to get underneath the Christmas tree.

Clean by room

Because of the pandemic, we are using the kitchen more often so it gets messier more than usual. So we like to run the vacuum to clean only the kitchen right after cooking and eating. Of course this depends on your lifestyle, you can choose to do 1 room or multiple rooms. We don’t have any kids yet, so the rest of the house is still relatively clean.

Scheduled Cleaning

You are able to set a time and day when you want it to automatically clean. You can choose by time, weekdays/weekends only, or customize to specific days. We love this feature because we don’t have to remember to turn it on to vacuum. We normally have ours set for 5 AM every other day so that it cleans while we are sleeping. Again, this depends on your lifestyle, if your house gets messier everyday because you have kids, pets or work on arts and crafts, you’ll have to change it to every day and maybe a time when the kids aren’t around.

Cleaning mode

There are 4 cleaning modes: quiet, balance, turbo and max. Quiet is considered low suction so it is more quiet when vacuuming. I would recommend this mode if you need it to clean when kids are napping. Balance is what mine is set at and is also the default. Turbo is used when you want to clean in a shorter amount of time – perfect for when you are in a rush to vacuum and someone is coming over unexpectedly. Max is considered high suction and would recommend this setting when your floor is messier than usual. I love this customizability.

Voice Command

It works with Alexa, Google and Siri. Since I normally have my phone around I will use Siri. You can also choose what you can say, a phrase, to have it clean the entire floor or just 1 room.


It cleans edges really well. I think edges are one of the most difficult places for a robot vacuum, or any vacuum for that manner to reach. How it normally cleans, is it will start with the edges first and then vacuum the rest of the inside area. It has a side brush that rotates in a circular motion in order to get the dirt stuck in those edges.

Detects objects

The vacuum detects objects really well and will make sure it goes around the object to still clean that area. This is helpful especially when it starts to vacuum the dining table area. Our dining chairs are not pushed in and placed at the exact same spot every single day. So it is helpful that the robot vacuum will not get stuck in that area and will go around the chairs to try and clean the area to the best of its ability.

Does the Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum clean up well?

Yes, it cleans up all the dirt on our hardwood floors! It will clean large debris to very small debris. It also does very well in going into small crevices. For example, we have a small crevice on the bottom of our kitchen island, and it will make sure to go in there to clean up the dirt. Now, the only thing it doesn’t clean up as well is carpet and rugs, which brings me to my cons list.

Cons of Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum

Carpet and Rugs

We do not have carpet on our first floor, but we do have a low pile rug that covers our family room floor. Low pile rugs are easier to clean than high pile rugs. The thing about cleaning carpet or rugs is you really need a high suction and good vacuum brush to clean it. Even when I put our vacuum on max mode, it still doesn’t clean up the pieces of lint or hair that gets intertwined in the rug. I think it does a great job of cleaning most of it and large debris on the surface, but it won’t get all of it. So don’t expect a deep clean. I still recommend the Roborock S6 vacuum as a great way to maintain, but you will need to use another vacuum for deep cleaning.

Full dirt container

I don’t know if any vacuum has this, but there is no indicator to tell us when the container that holds all the dirt is full. Since we set our robot vacuum to clean automatically we tend to forget to check if its full and empty it when it is. A way around this is to set a reminder on our calendars.

Conclusion: I highly recommend the Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum

The Roborock S6 robot vacuum is worth it and perfect for you if you are:

  • Too lazy to clean
  • Willing to spend more money to invest in a high quality robot vacuum
  • Want a robot vacuum that can do everything on its own and do its job without having to watch it, remember it or tell it to do anything
  • Want customizability – picking a room, different cleaning modes, setting cleaning schedules