9 Ways to Go Green in the Kitchen

The best way to celebrate Earth Day is to help promote ways you can help protect the earth! There are so many ways to live an eco-friendly, sustainable living in your house! The kitchen is one of the rooms that you use the most plastic and produce so much waste from the plastic bags from grocery shopping, wrapping food in saran wrap, washing dishes, paper towel, etc. So I listed below 9 ways to go green in the kitchen! Also, these are affordable products that I all bought on Amazon!

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1. Use glass bottles to store your dish soap

When you’re buying soap bottles every so often you’re also accumulating a lot of plastic that takes years to degrade. So if you switch to glass bottles, you can just refill them with dish soap. Plus these amber bottles also act as a decor to your kitchen!

2, Large, 16 oz, Empty, Amber Glass Bottles

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2. Soap refills

Instead of buying individual dish soap bottles, you can buy bulk soap refills. I bought the Method dish soap refills off of Amazon. So this helps cut down the plastic you are consuming! I also do this with our hand soap!

Method Gel Dish Soap Refill, Clementine, 36 Ounces, 2 pack

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3. Automatic kitchen faucet

The one that we bought is definitely on the higher end, but you can find a lot of more affordable options. For example, Home Depot has a lot of options that are as low as $100. I find that this saves water! Instead of constantly leaving the water running when you’re washing the dishes, it’s only running when you’re using it. I like ours because if I do need it to run constantly there is a touchless sensor at the top for this option.

Two-Sensor Touchless One-Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

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4. Plant based walnut sponge

You can buy this or there are other alternatives like a rag, reusable cotton sponge, bamboo brush…there are so many ways – it just depends on your preference! We use our dishwasher the most, so we don’t go through a lot of these.

Greener Clean Non-Scratch Scrub Sponges, 6 Scrub Sponges

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5. Reusable straws

We make a lot of smoothies and iced coffees so we like to use a lot of straws! If you’re the same, this is probably the best for you out of the 9 ways to go green in the kitchen. Also, the reusable stainless steel version is easy to clean! They also come with a pipe cleaner brush to help clean inside the straws.

Tip: Leave a reusable straw in your car and purse so that you also aren’t using plastic straws when you are eating out

12-Pack Reusable Stainless Steel Metal Straws with Case

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6. Reusable ziploc bags

Since I like to dishwash everything as much as possible, I specifically like the brand I chose because they are dishwasher safe! I hate washing dishes! Who likes to anyways? So these are perfect! Especially like to use these to store any leftover vegetables like onions and tomatoes in the fridge. The actual “zipper” actually stays together nicely unlike some of the actual ziploc bags!

10 Pack Dishwasher Safe Reusable Food Storage Bags

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7. Beeswax wrap

Instead of saran wrap, use this! But these don’t hug tightly on top of bowls or plates in the fridge. So if that’s what you’re needing, I would recommend an actual container with a cover or the reusable ziploc bags.

Beeswax Food Wrap Set of 5

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8. Compostable garbage bags

Another great way to help reduce your plastic usage! These come in different sizes as well!

9. Ditch the paper towel for wash cloths

My favorite of the 9 ways to go green in the kitchen! This also saves so much money! One of my pet peeves is when a paper towel is used to clean up water on the counter. What a waste! But I have found that after using white dish cloths – these easily look dirty after using them so many times to clean up messes. So I recommend buying black ones to help keep it look new – there’s also Swedish Dishcloths that are an alternative that are composed of different material.

Black Cotton Washcloths, 12″ x 12″, 24 Pack

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