Black book decor set for table decor
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DIY Book Decor Set for Less than $5

This is the easiest and most affordable way to for a DIY book decor set! I’ve looked online and some places sell them for $100 and up, and even on Etsy they sell them at a minimum of $35. To me that’s crazy especially if they’re not books you would actually enjoy reading or if you’re like me, never have time to read. I’ve seen others who wrap their existing books with white or craft paper, some that print the title or whatever title you want on the white/craft paper then wrap the books. I had to find another way because that’s too much work for me.

Black book decor set for table decor

The easiest way to do this? Take off the covers of your hard cover books! If you already have a ton of books, then you just got yourself a free DIY book decor set! However, this only works if you have hard cover books. If you have paperback books, there’s no cover to take off.

The next best budget friendly option is to buy books from a thrift store. I went to Goodwill for mine. They were each either $1 or $2. The best part is at my Goodwill, not sure if they do it for all locations, they separate the best selling books from older ones. I was able to find Oprah’s hard cover book, Food Health and Happiness, for only $2! Another oneI bought, without realizing it was pretty recognized, the Woman in the Window. Saw that it now became a movie on Netflix. So if you like it for decor, but also want to read them, I recommend Goodwill.

And that’s it! You can find different colored books as well, only thing is, it is difficult to find white. For a white book decor set, you’ll have to find books, either hardcover or paperback, that have already simple, white covers. But with books being $2 at most, you’re still saving a ton!

Watch below my book decor set!

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