Dining Room

How to Design a Mid-Century Modern Dining Room

Elements of a Mid-Century Modern Dining Room

To design a mid-century modern dining room, you need:

  • Industrial elements – black, silver or brass metals – ex. my light fixture, picture frames – They could also be captured in your dining room chairs, some have metal legs. A lot of dining rooms have a wooden top with metal legs as well.
  • Wooden features – ex. my dining room table, cutting board – This can also be captured by using wooden frames and a trendy plant stand is a white pot with wooden legs
  • Boho features – woven placemats, green plants – Instead you can have a woven basket light fixture
  • Modern dining room chairs – modern chairs have simple, sleek, geometrical designs, but if you don’t like the comfortability of the chairs, you can always mix them up and have rustic chairs on the ends of your table
  • A lot of these elements can create a monotone look, so I recommend pulling in decor that give subtle color! Such as my colored pictures, greenery and the gold and red center pieces on the table. You can also add dining chairs with color like a velvet emerald chair, or table decor with more color.

See below to see where I got my decorations and how much they cost me.

Mid-Century Modern Home Decor Links

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room

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Light fixture: https://amzn.to/39okcGv

Picture Frames: https://amzn.to/3fonFZf

These fit poster size photos, but I did not want that large of photos. So, I bought some picture mats from Michaels (the best price I could find and they normally have sales!). https://www.michaels.com/studio-decor-pre-cut-single-mat-12in-x-18in/M10154377.html?dwvar_M10154377_color=Black

Dining Room Chairs: https://amzn.to/3sASvBE

Dining Table in Oak color

All of the table top decorations I got from Home Goods

Plant stand

Plant pot

Plant: Dracaena at Home Depot – There are many types and sizes!

Need Your Help!

I do still feel like there are more elements missing! Comment below if you think I should add a woven rug to complete this design for a mid-century modern dining room. Any recommendations would be helpful! I love the idea of how easy to clean Ruggable rugs are, but they are very expensive. If there is another brand out there that is machine washable please let me know!

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